Natura d'Or

A magnificent park located in natural setting with a surface area of over 65,000 sqm, with a lake, hills, woods, paths...

Aqua d'Or

a water park with indoor and outdoor areas

Aventura d'Or

adventure sports, canoeing, zip-wires, horse riding...


which will be a faithful reproduction of villages and towns from the times of the Celts, Iberians, Romans and Arabs, recreating the age when these civilizations inhabited our lands. “Pobladores” will also have craft workshops, a farm-school, Aula Natura, themed restaurants, shops...

The Marina d’Or Golf project will also have a spectacular amusement and leisure area which will include, amongst its multiple attractions, several leisure parks, activities and attractions for all ages, a variety of stages for shows, music concerts etc, restaurants, coffee shops, retail outlets... This pivotal element of the PAI (Integral Zoning Plan) has more than 800,000 square metres exclusively dedicated to leisure and enjoyment, aimed at all types of public.

Marina d'Or Golf Presentation

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